Diversifying Medical Illustrations for Pores and skin of Coloration


American Medical Group: “Study About It.”

Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology: “Pores and skin shade in dermatology textbooks: An up to date analysis and evaluation.”

Well being Metropolis: “The Creator of a Viral Black Fetus Medical Illustration Blends Artwork and Activism.”

Nationwide Library of Medication: “Studying Types of Medical College students – Implications in Training.”

Cleveland Clinic: “Eczema.”

Nationwide Eczema Affiliation: “Eczema in pores and skin of shade: What You Have to Know.”

Susan Taylor, MD, Vice Chair for Range, Fairness and Inclusion, College of Pennsylvania, Dermatology Division, Philadelphia.

Affiliation of Medical Illustrators: “Historical past of Medical Illustration,” “Introduction to #AMIdiversity.”

Nicholas Woolridge, president, Affiliation of Medical Illustrators; affiliate professor of Medical Illustrations, College of Toronto, Toronto, Canada.

Ni-ka Ford, medical illustrator, Range Chair of the Affiliation of Medical Illustrators (AMI), New York.

American Academy of Dermatology Affiliation: “Can You Get Psoriasis if You Have Pores and skin of Coloration?”

Lupus Basis of America: “Lupus and the Pores and skin,” “Black Individuals with Discoid Lupus Pores and skin Illness Exhibit Elevated Pores and skin Injury on Scalp and Ear,” “Lupus Info and Statistics,” “Black Girls Develop Lupus at a Youthful Age with Extra Life-Threatening Problems.”

Mayo Clinic: “Lyme Illness.”

CDC: “Indicators and Signs of Untreated Lyme Illness.”

UCLA: “Black Sufferers’ Lyme illness usually identified late, presumably on account of missed indicators.”

Mayo Clinic: “Scleroderma.”

NHS: “Raynaud’s.” American Academy of Dermatology Affiliation: “Pores and skin Most cancers in Individuals of Coloration.”

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