When Your Hairdo Is a Hair Don’t

A nasty hair day will be such a headache. However for those who’re among the many 1 in 4 American ladies who’ve migraines, your hair can really be an actual headache. Every part from the shampoo you utilize to the way in which you chop your hair may set off a migraine.

We requested Steve Waldman, a 30-year hair trade veteran and the technical inventive director and product marketing consultant for the Hair Cuttery Household of Manufacturers, for his recommendation on learn how to maintain your hair habits from triggering a migraine.

Hair Don’ts and Hair Dos

Don’t: Use equipment that create extreme pressure. Ponytail ties, clips, and bobby pins can maintain a ‘do tightly in place. However, Waldman says, “The strain that these equipment exert on the scalp could cause complications even when [you don’t get] migraines.”

Do: Put on a unfastened do. Quite than tight, excessive ponytails, maintain your ponytail low on the crown of your head. Go for a mushy scrunchy somewhat than unyielding elastic.

Do: Strive scalp therapeutic massage. One other method to ease pressure in your head? Therapeutic massage your scalp whilst you shampoo. “Use the cushioned a part of your fingertips, not your nails, and you’ll really feel your scalp loosen as stress is launched and blood stream will increase,” Waldman explains. And let’s be trustworthy: There are worse issues than slowing right down to perform a little self-scalp therapeutic massage within the bathe!

Don’t: Put on headbands. You’d be hard-pressed to discover a girl who hasn’t ever gotten a headache from a scarf. The issue is, you typically don’t understand it’s too tight till it’s too late. “Stress-induced migraines can actually be centered on the temples and sides of the top, so headbands that apply an excessive amount of compression can exacerbate a migraine situation.” When you completely should put on a scarf, he says, discover one that matches as loosely as attainable and is made from a mushy, textured material.

Don’t: Let hair grasp in your eyes. Eye pressure can set off migraines. So maintain your imaginative and prescient clear and your hair out of your eyes, Waldman suggests. Meaning you will have to skip the dramatic eye-skimming fringe and take a look at different choices.

Do: Keep on prime of bang trims. If you’d like bangs, keep on prime of them to maintain them out of your eyes. When you love the thought of fringe however don’t need the maintenance, curtain bangs is perhaps the pattern for you.

Don’t: Use heavy scents. Robust-smelling shampoos and conditioners are a no-go. “Migraine victims know that smells are highly effective triggers to complications and migraine episodes,” Waldman warns. “It’s greatest to keep away from any hair merchandise or cosmetics with robust fragrances or odors.”  

Do: Try the array of fragrance-free merchandise out there. While you lose the perfume, you don’t must lose out on luxurious. There are a ton of high-performance, fragrance-free shampoos, conditioners, and styling merchandise on the market. Most high-end traces you discover in salons have fragrance-free choices. Retail and on-line shops additionally inventory total traces of fragrance-free hair care merchandise at a variety of costs.

Do: Sleep on silk pillowcases. Not solely do they assist forestall tangles and knots in your hair that would require headache-inducing brushing to take away, in addition they provide advantages to your pores and skin and really feel cool and comforting to the top when you must lie down with a migraine.

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